About Fig Tree Dementia Care

A Specialist Care Setting

Our aim has always been to improve the quality of life for everyone in our care. We recognise, that providing a specialist dementia setting is essential, mixing care categories  within one home just does not work.

Our homes have been adapted where possible to incorporate the latest thinking in dementia design. We are constantly updating our environments and practices.

Living Well With Dementia

In our homes we concentrate on living well with dementia, where independence is promoted and everyone can enjoy life. All our homes have beautiful, safe, accessible gardens, which bring happiness, wellbeing and a sense of freedom.

Active Lives

Our homes are busy active places with lots on offer and few time constraints. Visitors are welcome at any time, especially if they bring children, although we do ask you to avoid mealtimes.

The emphasis is on achievable activities of daily life, this may include preparing meals, a trip to the shops, singing, domestic chores or simply sharing a laugh.

Our intention is that everyone in our care has normal life experiences and freedom.

Avoiding Medication

Medication is not always the appropriate solution. We continue to develop our skills and adapt our methods to incorporate advances in dementia understanding. We are prepared to think out of the box and have used our skills to ensure a minimal medication regime in all our homes. A full medication review is undertaken on admission, and periodically thereafter.


We invest heavily in specific bespoke training both in house and externally using our on site facilities. We have drawn knowledge from our own experience and many other sources. Our training is adapted to solve real life situations. We have, therefore, developed a highly trained team, which is the cornerstone of what we do.

Measured Risks

We do take ‘measured’ risks. We would prefer to visit the community with all the risks that can bring, rather than keep someone stuck in a chair, avoiding the possibility of a fall!!

Remember, care is not always perfect, things go wrong, particularly when needs are so high, but, with appropriate training we aim to minimise the risks, and ensure good daily outcomes.

Getting out into the community

Our own minibus is in operation 6 days a week, and is an essential ingredient in achieving successful care outcomes. We get everyone out as much as possible and in all weathers.

Thriving in our Care

We appreciate that the concept of dementia care is often difficult to accept, and unlike many non-specialist homes, we understand dementia, helping people manage their lives and thrive in our care.

Finally… Satisfy your Peace of mind

Try to obtain references from your local healthcare professionals, doctor, nurses, social workers, local Alzheimer’s Society or look at our CQC inspection reports.

Do everything you can to satisfy your peace of mind.

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